Children's Theater

The Agawam Cultural Council will sponsor free drawings for six 4 packs of tickets to any of the 2010 Majestic Theater Childrens Theater plays. Our goal is to offer children a way of attending live theater. Tickets may be used for parents and children.

Drawings will be at the Agawam Public Library.
You can pick up your drawing sign-up forms at the Library at 750 Cooper Street, Agawam, MA.

Drawing dates:
June 30, 2010
July 7, 2010
July 14, 2010
July 21, 2010
July 28, 2010
August 4, 2010

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2010 Children's Theater Schedule

by Verna Safran with music by Andrea Strykker-Rodda.
July 6, 7, 8, 25, 26, 27, 28
This musical follows Paul Bunyan from his home as a child with Babe the Blue Ox to his grown-up life as a lumberjack.  Paul doesn't know what he's in for when Fenimore Foss starts to make trouble for Bunyan and his lumberjack friends.  Not only does Paul have to fend off Foss, but trouble down at Big Onion River, kidnappers, and Reginald Rattler – a snake with a bad attitude! Cheer on Paul and his friends like Sourdough Sam and Johnny Inkslinger as they try to get out of jam after jam and try to find a happy ending!


by Roald Dahl and adapted by David Wood
July 12, 13, 14 & August 1, 2, 3, 4
This play begins one dark night when a mysterious man gives James Trotter an unexpected gift...a bag of glowing, wriggling lights, and a promise of magic. When the lights break free, something amazing happens on the long-dead tree, a single peach begins to grow, and grow, and grow...  Little does James realize that the giant peach will become a magical escape from his ghastly Aunts.  Join James and his new-found insect friends as they embark on an extraordinary adventure which takes them halfway around the world. Along the way there are dangers and excitement, friends and enemies, music and laughter. Will James survive the journey and find the new life he longs for?


by Robert Kinerk
July 19, 20, 21 & August 8, 9, 10, 11

This musical celebrates Clorinda, a cow who is happy with her bovine life on the farm until she realizes her true dream and decides to become a dancer.  She puts on a tutu and practices in the barn on a stage that a farmhand builds for her. Although the other animals are not supportive ("No, no. That won't do./You're only a cow, and what they do is MOO!"), the farmhand is more encouraging, and Clorinda heads for New York City. She takes a job waiting tables to pay the bills and continues going on auditions. She finally gets her big break in Giselle, but soon comes to realize that dancing is not the best occupation for a cow. She heads home only to realize that she can still perform there. This story told in rhyme is sure to produce many chuckles from youngsters who will delight in Clorinda's dreams of stardom.